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3 Reasons Why Tenet Should Go To Streaming Sooner Rather Than Later

Updated: Jan 17

By Matt Chieco


2020 has not been kind to the movie industry. With dozens of movies being delayed streaming has become the new normal. I'm one of the many people hoping Tenet, directed by Christopher Nolan, gets released on streaming sooner rather than later and here's why...and it's not just because I can't see it due to theaters being closed in my area.

Big Score For HBO Max

First, ever since HBO Max launched in May of this year they have had a hard time gaining users (even though everyone with HBO gets it for free). One of the main problems is while they have some of the best movies in film history on their platform, their original content is lackluster. Like other streaming services, HBO Max has many original programming in the works but due to COVID the release dates have been pushed back. A big movie like Tenet can really be the hit that HBO Max needs. When Disney+ added Hamilton to their platform it led to a 79% download growth. If Tenet can pull off what Hamilton did it’ll be a win. Even if they go the route of Mulan and charge a fee to rent exclusively on HBO Max, it would get subscribers and make back some of its budget.

Low Box Office Numbers /Theaters Might Close Down Again

Tenet has had a very unconventional release using a staggered rollout method. After being delayed multiple times it was first released in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, and the United Kingdom on August 26th. Then on September 3rd it was released in the US followed by China on September 4th. While Tenet has done moderately well overseas, the numbers in the US haven’t matched. As of 10/04/20, Tenet has only grossed a little over $41 million in the US. Many blame the numbers on not being able to play in major markets like New York and Los Angles. Tenet was a test which resulted in the remaining movies either being pushed to the end of 2020 or sometime in 2021. This shift is causing theaters who reopened to possible have to close back down due to not enough content. In fact Variety reported that Regal Cinemas is closing theaters it reopened in 543 locations in the US. Since many people either don’t feel safe to go to the theaters or their theaters are still closed or may be closing again, being released on streaming (even if it's not on HBO Max) to buy/rent is probably in the movies best interest.

Multiple Viewings

Lastly, critics and theater goers who have seen the movie say it needs to be seen more than once. Due to the subject matter surrounding the movie it may be hard to grasp during the first viewing (or maybe the second and third time as well) but like other movies about time the more you pick up in each viewing the more enjoyable it is.

Tenet is currently playing in select theaters.

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