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First Look At Robert Pattinson In The Batsuit

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

By Matt Chieco

Fans have been waiting to see the first glimpse of Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. Since it was revealed Ben Affleck was no longer playing the role in Matt Reeves ’s The Batman, rumors have been swirling as to what Pattinson will look like in the suit, Reeves has now put the rumors to rest!

The video shows a camera test shot by The Batman's cinematographer Greig Fraser and scored by the movie’s composer Michael Giacchino. It shows Pattinson in the suit walking towards the camera (giving major daredevil vibes) showing his chest and the batman emblem (also possibly his batarang), then before it ends the camera moves up to a close up on his face looking off camera.

(Photo:Matt Reeves/Vimeo)

From the small glimpse, we know this suit is very armor influenced, more than any other suit has been before. It looks like they are going for a more tactical style to give give it a more realistic feel.

Besides the possible batarang emblem (which is extremely cool) I can't say whether I like the suit or not. I'll give my opinion once I see the suit in full, and hopefully that's soon.

The Batman is currently in production and is slated to be released June 25, 2021.