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Marvel Mania!!!

By Matt Chieco

2020 left MCU fans feeling somber. The studio went nearly twenty months without releasing any new content (excluding 'Agents of Shield,' which was under Marvel television at the time). Finally, on January 15th, fans rejoiced as Marvel kicked off Phase 4 and dipped their toes into the streaming world.

Now that we are more than halfway through 'Wandavision,' Disney+ has announced a new documentary series titled 'Marvel’s Assembled.' This show will offer a behind-the-scenes look into the production of all their new films and television shows, starting with a deep dive into 'Wandavision.'

This might sound typical for an ever-growing streaming network, right? Yes, but what this also means for fans like me is that there will be new Marvel content every week in 2021! This exciting news only holds true if every project maintains its current release date and avoids further delays.

Still skeptical? 'Wandavision' concludes on March 5th, and Marvel’s next Disney+ series, 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,' premieres on March 19th. So what can fill the gap between the two shows? The recently announced 'Marvel’s Assembled,' which arrives on March 12th.

Once 'The Falcon and the Winter Soldier' wraps up its six-episode run on April 23rd, it will be followed by a 'Marvel’s Assembled' episode centered around the Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan-led show on April 30th. And what about the films, you ask? 'Black Widow' hits theaters on May 7th, and a week later, the corresponding 'Marvel’s Assembled' episode drops on May 13th.

Skipping the back and forth, if you do the calculations for 'Loki,' 'What If..?,' 'Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,' 'Hawkeye,' 'Eternals,' 'Ms. Marvel,' and 'Spider-Man 3,' you'll find that they will occupy every Friday throughout the year, except for December 31st. If the calculations prove correct (though Marvel hasn't officially confirmed all the premiere dates), we can also predict the release dates for some of the Disney+ shows. 'Loki' has already been confirmed for sometime in May, and now we can be more precise with a May 21st release date.

It’s the little things that make us happy, and if COVID doesn't disrupt Marvel's schedule as it has been doing lately, we should have something to look forward to every Friday in 2021.

'Wandavision' is currently streaming on Disney+ with new episodes released every Friday. Also, become a member of our Patreon page for discussions about the hit Marvel show.

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