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Updated: Jan 17

By Matt Chieco


It’s a bird, It’s a plane, It’s Superman…but who’s playing him?

Over the last few weeks, reports have come out that Warner Bros. doesn't believe Henry Cavill can lead any future Superman movies. There were rumors that the studio wanted to introduce Supergirl as the main kryptonian in the DC Extended Universe, and other conversations that said they wanted to use Cavill’s Superman similar to what the MCU does with the Hulk.

Since the release of Man of Steel in 2013 the DCEU has had a hard time finding the right thing to do with Henry Cavill. Zack Snyder set the the stage for new beginnings and even with its flaws the fans were excited. The film grossed over $600 million worldwide, becoming the highest grossing solo Superman film ever.

Cavill is just one of many actors to play the popular character over the years, but he portrayed Superman very well. Not only does he look like he came straight from the pages of a comic book, but he truly wants the best for the character and is not just looking for a paycheck. After the success of Man of Steel, Warner Bros. held off on making a sequel. They instead decided to play catch up with Marvel’s MCU. The next movie to be released for the DCEU was Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, providing a continuation of the character but not having the focus be just on Superman.

As DC released its future movie lineups after Dawn of Justice a Superman sequel was always left off the list for other character solo movies. Yet upon the release of Justice League (and its CGI’d mustache controversy) fans hit a breaking point and grew tried of the character, which lead to contract negotiations and a possibility of Cavill retiring from the role of Clark Kent.

Everything is still up in the air regarding Henry Cavill, but if they decided to recast the role I think Cavill would be a great addition to the MCU.

If Warner Bros. had done what Zack Snyder wanted and had five or six movies that started with Superman being the reluctant hero leading to the Superman everyone is familiar with, Henry Cavill's role in the DCEU could have possibly been as popular as Captain America. Yet all hope isn’t lost because the actor recently spoke with Variety and gave his thoughts below.


“I’ve always been a fan of Superman. With a character like that, you carry the mantle with you offset. And it becomes part of your public representation. When you meet children, children don’t necessarily see me as Henry Cavill, but they might see Superman, and there’s a responsibility which comes with that. Because it’s such a wonderful character, it’s actually a responsibility I’m happy to have, and I hope that I get to play more of Superman in years to come.”


We'll be seeing Cavill play Superman at least once more time in Zack Snyder's Justice League arriving on HBO Max in 2021.

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